One-to-one, personalized instruction using multi-sensory, research-based techniques in a caring and relaxed environment.



Nail polish and baseball bats; Googling for content with your student

Did you know you should use a base coat when painting your nails because a base coat is stickier and softer than nail polish, so it not only helps the polish adhere, but it expands and contracts with your [...]

How to teach students who are too [insert emotion] to learn

One of the greatest benefits of my profession is the opportunity to collaborate with talented, intelligent and kick-butt colleagues.  Such is Anne-Marie Morey, an awesome Educational Therapist who runs a smart, helpful, fun blog chock full of educational information and [...]

Wise Women of the Association of Educational Therapists

Yeah, I said women. While the language is gendered and maybe exclusive, I want to tell you why I’m sticking to it. Most of the members of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET), like the majority of the members [...]

To Punish or Excuse?

I just read a provocative article in the Hechinger report with which I mostly agree. Cossondra George, a veteran middle school teacher in Newberry, Michigan, wrote “How to keep kids with special needs out of prison and in middle [...]

The Who, What, When and Why of Reading Instruction

Orton Gillingham, Lindamood Bell, Wilson, Slingerland, Language!, Read Naturally, oh my!  Ever wondered with whom you should use each one and why? In this free webinar, hosted by Learning Ally, I outline what components are necessary for successful reading, red flags that indicate [...]

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