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You Don’t Have to Like It: Explicit Teaching about Life

This may shock you, so prepare yourself. You may want to sit down. Ready? Here goes: not every student I work with is thrilled to spend 50 minutes with me after school working on the most challenging, difficult areas they have. I know! Weird, right? Who knew?

Nothing Motivates Like Success

“Come on, Philip. Don’t complete all the worksheets now or you won’t have any for homework!” How often do you have to say this to a student? Much less steal away the one remaining uncompleted worksheet to hand to [...]

Strategies to Get Reluctant Writers Writing (and comprehending better, too!)

Recently, I did another webinar for the Association of Educational Therapists.  It was a great audience with insightful questions, so we ended up going over our allotted hour, and I had a wonderful time.  I hope you enjoy! Related Posts [...]

May 7, 2016|Categories: Autism, Dyslexia, Literacy, Webinars|

The Only Zero Tolerance Policy that May Make Sense

When we grew up and went to school, there were certain teachers, who would hurt the children any way they could. By pouring out their derision, upon anything we did, exposing every weakness, however, carefully hidden by the kids. [...]

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