Useful Websites

Name and link
The website of the national professional organization for educational therapists.
A wealth of information for educators, parents and individuals with dyslexia
Children and Adults with ADHD: The premier group for information and support about ADHD, also for parents, individuals and educators
Dedicated to serving parents, individuals and educators with all types of learning and attention challenges, including advocating on a state and federal level
Providing information and support for parents, educators and individuals with LDs, gifted and twice-exceptional (2E)
Information for parents, individuals and educators with a focus on research and advocacy
An amazing resource for all things Structured Literacy, reading, writing and dyslexia, primarily for educators, includes online coursework
A parent- and student-friendly wealth of “resources, expertise and community.”
An impressive amount of information and resources for teaching reading
Parent advocacy and support group
Lotf of information for educators, students and parents about dyslexia, services and tools
Provides a ton of information, resources and personal stories from and for individuals, educators and parents
A support group for people with dyslexia, founded by Ben Foss, who wrote The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan

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