One of the greatest benefits of my profession is the opportunity to collaborate with talented, intelligent and kick-butt colleagues.  Such is Anne-Marie Morey, an awesome Educational Therapist who runs a smart, helpful, fun blog chock full of educational information and resources.  From time to time, she interviews colleagues for her podcast, “The Exceptional Educator.”  A while back, I was honored to be her guest.

Anne-Marie and I discussed the emotional component of our work with students.  if you’ve ever worked with kiddos, you know that when they come to you upset, sad or angry, it is very hard to ignore their feelings and get down to work.  It’s also not the best teaching practice, since it can damage your relationship with your student.

Pop over to Anne-Marie’s blog to hear our whole conversation, complete with scenarios and solutions.  While you’re there, poke around her other blog posts as well–you’ll see why I am proud to call her colleague and friend.



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