You heard that your child…

  • is not living up to his potential.
  • is smart but lazy.
  • would do better if she just tried harder.

Your child…

  • understands stories she hears better than stories she reads.
  • complains that reading is hard or boring.
  • reads very slowly.
  • loves to talk but hates to write.
  • writes very slowly or very little.
  • leaves out vowels, letters or whole syllables from words.
  • writes with much simpler ideas and vocabulary than he speaks with.
  • has trouble organizing writing.
  • still uses her fingers to add or subtract simple numbers.
  • gets a math concept one day and then loses it the next.
  • performs adequately on simple math problems but falls apart on word problems.

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“For the first time ever, Tyler successfully read his grade level summer reading book. It was absolutely amazing…We all are so excited by Tyler’s discernible progress! I am so thrilled about his reading improvement.”

Carleen, parent

“I just wanted to write you a quick email to say THANK YOU for your thorough update and assessment of [our son]. I think you spelled out beautifully the unique learning challenges [he] is tasked with and how to best work with him. This should serve as great insight for those working with him at [middle school] this coming school year. We really appreciate this!!”