An educational therapist is much more than a tutor.

They are highly trained and can combine educational and therapeutic approaches to teaching.

This is not just homework help. This is building the foundations for academic success now and in the future.

An educational therapist goes beyond teaching content.

They create an intensive and individualized teaching plan to address the root causes of learning problems and help build a foundation for academic success that reaches far into the future.

They address the underlying learning abilities particular to your child, such as visual and auditory processing, attention and focus, and memory skills.

Educational therapists use information pulled from a variety of sources, including the student’s social, emotional, psycho-educational, and neuropsychological profile.

For more information about educational therapy, please go to the Association of Educational Therapists.

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“Diana is a dedicated, passionate, and exceptional Educational Therapist. Her knowledge and use of current educational strategies, assessment tools and remediation techniques places her at the top 5% of her class at the UCSC Extension Educational Therapy Certificate Program”

Sharmila, Professor

“Diana is an inspirational teacher who cares deeply about her students’ well being. Diana managed to reach children by using different learning modalities, by getting to know each child’s unique learning style and by accommodating his or her special needs.”